5 Ways to Increase Your Salary

ways to increase your salary

Boosting your income is not an easy task.

However, there are actions you can take to increase your income dramatically. What are the steps you take to boost your salary? We asked hundreds of tech talents for advice. Here’s your 5-step plan to getting a well-deserved salary increase.

1. Ask for a raise

Sounds simple, right? But a survey by Salary.com showed that a staggering 44% of respondents didn’t bring up the topic of a raise during their performance reviews. With fear being the main reason for not asking.

We get it – salary talks can be awkward or intimidating, but it’s a conversation that can pay off! There’s nothing wrong about asking for a raise. Team leaders, managers, and directors respect confidence and ambition: no one will think less of you for asking. Furthermore, most companies have established salary ranges and budgets set aside for increases.

In order to effectively negotiate your salary, however, you need to have a solid understanding of what a reasonable salary would be. Check out GetLinks Salary Report for useful salary insights that you can leverage when you talk with your boss.

2. Expand your skillset

expanding skill set

Identify and enhance your work-related skills. By making a conscious effort to invest in your existing skills and develop new ones, you can help increase your earning potential every year.

Podcasts, online courses, and webinars are always there to help you upskill and grow professionally.

Perfect your soft skills. Communication and adaptability may be vital to your career growth. As you should focus on what work is visible to others, you should also focus on how you communicate and talk with others. You may have great ideas, but if you aren’t able to communicate that to others, your manager might not be as inclined to give you a raise.

3. Get Certified

Career certifications can move you ahead and make a difference when it comes to improving your overall work experience. Be sure your manager knows you are taking work-related classes: there are hundreds of courses you can take to obtain a verified certificate.  Some of them may be pricey, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice: your colleagues and business connections might have taken some in the past.

Add your recent certifications to your resume to demonstrate your expertise and negotiate a title change or promotion in the future.

4. Network and build connections

networking and building connections

Building meaningful connections and being involved in your company is just as important as is doing your job well.  Before you go out to meet people, take care of your personal brand: make sure your social profiles are up to date, work on your personal brand statement or, at least, a simple introduction.

The most connected people are often the most successful.

Networking can help you improve your skill set, stay on top of the latest trends in your industry, and meet prospective mentors. Expand your network by connecting with industry influencers, ask questions and share knowledge online.

Office networking is a powerful tool. Check out GetLinks events. Meet new people, gather ideas and ask for feedback: talk about your strengths and weaknesses, and ways to maximize your salary potential. You’d be surprised how much insight you can get.

5. Discover new opportunities

Even if you don’t plan to quit your job anytime soon, you should still keep a pulse on the job market. If opportunities are limited at your present company, consider changing jobs as a way to boost your pay.

Create a profile with GetLinks to browse through job opportunities at the leading tech companies. Look for a company where you will have chances for advancement along with higher pay. Browse through company profiles, explore perks and benefits. Chat with hiring managers: mention those certificates and achievements of yours. Talk about projects which could add extra value to the company that fall within your scope of work.


You deserve a job where you get paid what you’re worth.

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