Humans of Technology —”Nothing worth having is easy to achieve”

Thailand’s leading Fintech entrepreneur opens up about his time introducing Bitcoin to the country.

In the past November, the Humans of Tech team sat down with Topp Jirayut Supsrisopa, one of Thailand’s most well-known names in Fintech industry. Topp founded several Bitcoin company and was one of the first to introduce Bitcoin and Blockchain technology in early 2015.

In this video, you’ll hear Topp candidly speaking about his past as a fresh grad from the prestigious Oxford University, his family pressure — urging him to be successful in his career. As well as, peer pressure among his friends who used the same degree to work in high-paycheck, traditional financial companies. For months, Topp works in a spare room in his house trying to establish a company called, day in day out, with pressures from all sides.

Get inspired by Topp as he opens up about his days not only to build a Fintech company from scratch but also to introduce Bitcoin and Blockchain, against official scam-warning. It was the test of endeavour, a great story that needs to be shared with everyone learning to start a business.


This is Humans of Tech. GetLinks’s new content series that offers the peephole into the hard-working and inspiring world of the people behind innovative technologies we’re using today. Visit our site at

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