Humans of Technology — ”A Great Idea Can Win”

“If we’re already broke then couldn’t be more broke if we do something really crazy.”

The name ‘Aim Charoenphan’ may ring a lot of bells if you’re in Bangkok startup society. Wednesday afternoon in mid-October, Humans of Tech crew visited Hubba Ekkamai to speak with Aim the founder of the said co-working space. This is where it happened, the first branch of the first co-working space of Thailand. In this video, Aim opens up about how he and his brother Charles, started the idea in the midst of financial crisis and the great flood in Bangkok in 2011. He reminds us that we are now in the time that technology is a great equalizer. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or who your parents are. What it takes is a great idea, passion and resilience. Just give it a go and that idea can win.

This is Humans of Tech. GetLinks’s new content series that offers the peephole into the hard-working and inspiring world of the people behind innovative technologies we’re using today. Visit our site at

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