Humans of Technology — ”I actually never thought I’d get into tech”

To grow your career, sometimes you have to leave your comfort zone.

It is easy to be led to believe that the tech communities are full of data scientists, coders and software engineers. In fact, even the biggest life-changing apps or small young startups around the world are brought to life by the army of people with great smiles who wield the art of communication and crisis management. Krittyawadee ‘Wow’ Pongpanich was one of the communication officers who thought that the non-tech people behind the tech field are underrepresented. Hear the story of Wow as she leaves her comfort zone and steps from the biggest regional aviation company in Asia to the innovative ride-sharing tech company by the encouragement of her mentor, from communication officer to another.

This is Humans of Tech. GetLinks’s new content series that offers the peephole into the hard-working and inspiring world of the people behind innovative technologies we’re using today. Visit our site at


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