Reasons to hop on to your next job

Reasons to hop on to your next job

By Kim Ho

Should I stay or should I go?

There’s an overarching negative stigma around job-hoppers – people leaving a company before they hit the 18-month mark. Hopping too frequently could give the impression of a fickle employee, and no employee wants to be portrayed as disloyal, or damage their CVs. The reality is though for modern employees, the fear of looking like a job-hopper is more harmful than helpful.

Most people end up staying at jobs they hate, to avoid looking like a job hopper. However, the problem with this is employees remaining at dead-end jobs longer than they have to, while simultaneously damaging their careers. Gone are the days of people spending 10 years at one organisation. In the US, the average amount of time spent at a company is about 4 years. For those working in the technology sector, or in marketing and communications, staying too long at one company can be seen as failing to keep up with the trends or changes in the market. It can even be viewed as a candidate’s unwillingness to learn or embrace new challenges. Yikes.

Whether you’re thinking of leaving your current job, or just need some motivation to push you in the right direction; here’s some reasons why it might be a good idea to move onto the next stage of your career.


1. You’ll get a pay raise

Chances are, when you take on a new job, you’ll get a standard 20 to 30% increase in your salary, as per market standards. If you feel like you’re being underpaid in your current role, and you’ve been unable to get a salary increment, changing jobs is a great way to make more money.

2. You’ll get to take on a new challenge

If you’re feeling stuck or bored at your current job, it’s indication it’s time for you to move on to something new. A new job means a fresh start and perspective, be it organisation, role or project. You’ll get the chance to learn about something new, and put skills that might have gone unnoticed or unused in the past to work.

3. You’ll move up in your career

Changing jobs is a great way to negotiate your way to a promotion. Perhaps you’ve been stuck in an executive role for 3 years and would like to move up to a managerial role. A new job is your opportunity to take past experience and demonstrate a clear case for a promotion.

4. You’ll form new relationships

While it’s always hard leaving work besties behind, new faces could be beneficial to you both in your professional and personal life. We spend more time with our colleagues than we do with our friends and family, so it’s normal to form close bonds and friendships. A new job is great way to expand your circles and network, which could lead to new opportunities around the corner!

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