How to create your CV to suit your next Job (Part 2)

Last time we covered the topic of CV including what is the definition and purpose of CV, how the format should be and how to make the first impression from the CV. Moreover, after you create it, you should make sure that the text is clear, simple and accurate. So, we know all the basics about creating a CV. In addition, this article will go deeper into the details of how you should shape the CV to the next job exactly.

After you get the profile, then the next area will be work and education background. Either can be put first if one of them can relate to the new job’s nature. Then add the most relevant information first by starting from the current job or experience and just add the older job experiences after to show the timeline clearly. 

Tailoring your CV to the job

To tailor your CV for a particular job, you need to consider all your work, experiences, studied subjects and qualifications that are most relevant to the job and prioritise them. To give you an idea, applying for a developer position, you can mention directly if you graduated from the software engineering major. On the other hand, some people learn how to code by themselves, then you should mention your own projects or the companies you worked with before in the past and also type of software, languages and other skills related to the field of job position.  If you are looking for positions in the IT field, we recommend you to explore job opportunities from GetLinks x Ascend!

To do that correctly, make sure you read and understand the job description and requirements from the job offers as well as research about the company’s culture and work environment. Thus, you can write your CV linking in the way that you meet those requirements and they should choose you to be one of their candidates. Additionally, you cover everything and do not miss any important part that you should mention about it.How to write CV for the job that you do not meet all the requirements

It is normal that people are applying for a job which is not related to their field of study. So, you should come up with experiences or subjects you have studied in university or even outside of the university to indicate that you get the skill of the job you are applying for. Let’s say if you are applying for a content writing job, you may not graduate from journalism major but you create your own blog or have experience writing blogs for other companies. Then you can focus on your experiences and write it down in your CV.

For some people who just apply for a job for the first time and just the second job, you may not have much experience to talk about yet. However, you can mention the subjects you learned when you were in university and explain what you have learned and how it relates to your future job such as art subjects that can show your employer about your creative skills.

Another example is that if you want to apply for a digital marketer but you not graduated from marketing major, you may study about it via other platform such as google e-learning and mention about the certificate you get and what you have learned from the course or any other platforms you were seeking and improve your own skill. If you are just the new graduates, don’t forget to mention your grades, especially subjects that are related to the job you aim for. Lastly, do not forget to tell a good story about yourself to let them know yourself better. 

After you get the CV ready, check out GetLinks Job Board to use it for searching for your next job! A platform is simple and user friendly. You can just add the position, industry or even the name of the company you want to work with for searching for interesting jobs. Then, you can compare which job is the most interesting for you. You can also create the most appropriate format of CV by using Getlinks as the platform has the feature to turn your profile to a beautiful CV super quick and easy. 

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