COVID-19: The work game just changed. Some will lose out. But those who adapt fastest will win.

Around the world, millions of employees are working from home, many for the first time, as the world tackles COVID-19. This is a big test for all companies. Will employees adapt to the changes in their work environment? Could this be the spark that drives changes to the future of work?

The outbreak is a challenge, but it is also a chance for companies to re-examine their relationship with employees, and to elevate their corporate culture to be mutually beneficial. This means embracing change, working through uncertainty, and being adaptive.

Replacing physical space with digital space

This global pandemic has forced many companies to isolate their workforces whilst facing the challenge of remaining connected with employees. We’re looking to technology to meet this crisis, rather than just distracting ourselves from it.

The internet is being used as it was always meant to be used — to connect with one another, share information and resources, and come up with collective solutions to urgent problems. In recent weeks, inboxes have become full of invitations to digital events, work from home webinars, Skype book clubs and even Instagram Yoga sessions.

Digital tools are helping to strengthen our real-world ties when we use them the right way. As the virus forces us indoors, companies will be thinking of ways to invest in digital spaces, creating stronger virtual connections in place of the physical aspect we’re losing.

Advice and thoughts for job seekers during this time

• Narrow your focus to companies that you want to work for.
• Find a relevant opening in that firm and push your energy into the applications.
• Stand out from the hundreds of mediocre job applications by directing your energy towards a few quality ones.
• Make use of popular online learning platforms for resume preparation and interview research.

So how do you win the game?

How will you or your company survive environmental changes such as COVID-19, climate change, technology disruption, and political reshuffling happening in the next few years? What is your cheat sheet, your compass to this immediate future?

The answer is adaptivity, and this new trend just might change the outlook on the way we work forever. Adaptive talents will be the people who evolve with these changes. They will fit alongside and complement the demands. Their roles will not be threatened; quite the opposite — new opportunities will constantly be opening up.

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The world is changing and we’re here with you.

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Written by Ben Turner

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