6 Things That Actually Scare us at Work 👻

Halloween is just around the corner! We’ve gathered 6 greatest workplace fears and some useful tips to get you through these spooky times.

1. When someone asks you to do something that isn’t your job

scary things at work not my job

You can say No.

We’ve all been there. Small favors and simle tasks can quickly pile up and you’ll have no time for your actual job. Don’t overload yourself with extra responsibilities and approach deadlines with confidence by simply saying “no”.  We know what you’re thinking,  you can’t simply say, No, that’s not my job”–or you risk being considered rude, unprofessional, and possibly miss out on opportunities in the future. 

So how exactly do you politely say no? You can decline gracefully and explain that you have other priorities to work on. In another context, you may have to explain that the task is not in your area of expertise and refer them to another person who can point them in the right direction. If there’s absolutely no way to ditch it, set a clear deadline. That would give office beggars a hint about your busy schedule. 

2. Conflict with co-workers from Hell

Conflict at work is inevitable.

The coworker from Hell is annoying, confrontational, patronizing and just makes your work life a living hell. Unless you’re willing to change jobs, there’s no escaping it. Control your emotions and stay calm, there are ways to resolve conflict in the workplace.

We’ve met people who hate pretty much every single colleague they work with. If there is more than one coworker that you hate, it may just be the company culture that you don’t share. If the culture is not right for you, maybe it’s time to consider moving on?

3.The guy who frames you for his crimes

Saboteurs are well known around the office.

They are more than just competitive, they are out there to get you. Do not let them ruin your day, take some steps to protect yourself and your career. If you believe you are being undermined and sabotaged by a colleague, gather evidence. Document every lie and every unethical behavior so you can defend yourself later on.

Do not wait for the situation to go out of control. Speak to your colleague directly if you have to, so that they know you’re onto their schemes. Most importantly, remain positive and don’t talk behind their backs. Transparency and honesty will always be valued over mind games.   

 4. Asking for a raise

Asking for a raise doesn’t have to be terrifying.

If you have been taking on more responsibilities, exceeding expectations and delivering big wins, there is no reason for you to be afraid of asking for what you deserve. Be intelligent about your timing and make sure you know how to effectively negotiate for a raise. 

And if the boss says no? Ask for reasons, take notes and keep in contact with your manager about your progress.  Also, there are many actions you can take to boost your salaryIf you feel underpaid, you are most likely right about it – take action.

5. Networking for tech people

It’s actually a misconception.

Not all techies are not nerdy, awkward or shy people that struggle to communicate. Take for example, Mark Zuckerberg and Peter Cashmore who take the stage and are anything but shy. It is just that you could be spending too much time on your computer. At GetLinks, we have compiled a list of networking tips for our techies and developers.

 So, step away from your computer every once in a while because it is important to build your personal network. Meet people, discover new possibilities and your advance your career through profession networking: attent events, meetups and don’t be afriad to talk about your passions.

6. You feel trapped at work

How would you rate your job satisfaction?

If you rate it poor, maybe it’s time to look for signs that it’s time to quit your job. If quitting is not an option, then it’s up to you to change that. Don’t just keep scrolling through social media feeds or shopping a flash sale at your desk. Look for a new challenge, take on new responsibilities, do volunteer projects within your organization or find inspiration outside your office.

Getting yourself involved in an activity that interests you can make your workday less boring and improve your productivity.


If any of the above scares you, consider a move! Here at GetLinks, we may just have the perfect position for you.



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