Humans of Technology — Julien Chalté, Head of eCommerce at LINE

Head of eCommerce
“Tenacious, Ambitious, Impatient”
Julien is Head of eCommerce at LINE and Co-Founder and Chairman at BeLaws.

1. Describe yourself in 3 words.

Tenacious. Ambitious. Impatient.

2. What did you study at university? Why?

I never actually went to university, and chose to finish off school at 12th grade. I wanted to develop my passion fast. At 23, I became an entrepreneur.

3. Who is your role model?

There’s too many. Of course the obvious ones like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk..etc. Basically all the visionaries who’ve contributed to developing tech world.

4. What is the one skill you wish you had?

Web graphic design.

5. Would you rather be transported permanently 500 years into the future or 500 years into the past?

The future. I’d be curious to see the past, but I’m sure I wouldn’t last a day. Would love to witness interplanetary travel and regeneration.inspire newbies and veterans alike to join the thriving tech community.


About Humans of Technology

Humans of Technology gives a glimpse into the minds of the people behind Asia’s most dynamic tech companies. An initiative led by GetLinks, Humans of Technology aims to inspire newbies and veterans alike to join the thriving tech community.

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