Humans of Technology — Marina Bay, Co-Founder & CEO at BeFast.TV

Marina Bay

Marina is the Russian head honcho behind Hong Kong-based online media channel BeFast.TV, with a flair for communications and a passion for startups.

Marina is Co-Founder and CEO at BeFast.TV an online media channel that documents startups across the globe.

Originating from Siberia, Marina got her studies across Moscow, Berlin and Chengdu, completing her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Economics and Business. It was during her time in China she realised the potential of the Asian market, and moved to Hong Kong.

She began her career at a boutique law firm, where she worked her way up from Receptionist to Business Development Director. Throughout this time that she built insight knowledge on how to start a business in Hong Kong.

An extroverted people-person, Marina co-founded BeFast.TV, putting her at the forefront of the startup community. BeFast.TV is independently owned, creating relevant, innovative and exclusive content for startup founders, employees and enthusiasts everywhere.

1.Android or iOS?

2. Bitcoin or Ethereum?

3. Gmail or Outlook?
Inbox by Gmail.

4. Best gift you’ve ever received?
Cello. Playing an instrument is a blast for your brain!

5. Best gift you’ve ever given?
English Language courses in Malta for my mom.

6. What is the one book you’ve read over and over again?
No such one in particular, I do come back to the notes that I make when reading.

7. What is the one book you would recommend all fresh graduates to read?
I would recommend reading the biographies of the people they admire, i.e. “Losing my Virginity” by Richard Branson.

8. What is the best thing that happened this year?
Becoming more spiritual through regular meditation.

9. Most memorable career moment so far?
Letting people go from the company.

10. What’s your favourite country to visit?
Italy, the best shopping experience.

11. Last country you visited?
The Philippines, where I learned how to kite surf!

12. What country would you like to visit? 

13. What is something you always travel with?

14. What’s the world’s most pressing issue today?
Addiction to Social Media.

15. What’s your go-to news source?
TheVerge, Entrepreneur Magazine, Facebook feed.

16. What’s your go-to social media channel?

17. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

18. What’s the last thing you do before leaving the office?
I check my planner and review what was been done today and what’s coming tomorrow.

19. What advice would you give to someone who wants to be an entrepreneur?
Make sure you pursue a business you enjoy; something you love doing every day.

20. If you were not CEO at BeFast.TV, what would you be doing?
Probably working in the financial sector.

21. Who is your role model?
My dad.

22. What did you study at university? Why?
Business & Economics, because I thought this was where the money is.

23. What is your valuable skill?

24. What is one skill you wish you had?
Programming and Design.

25. What is the best advice you ever received?
Be fearless!

26. What is the best advice you’ve ever given?
Don’t ever stop trying to do things you believe in, even when it gets difficult sometimes.

27. If you had one superpower, what would it be?
Social Media posts that are magically created and automatically posted by themselves!


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