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Majid Herciandy Nugraha Putra

Keep anxiety under control, so the level of stress is manageable. Do your homework, research the employer and the industry. Prepare the questions that you would like to ask about the company. Be confident in what you know, be honest with your weakness and show eagerness to learn. Lastly, try to relax, be present and engage with the interviewers.

Majid Herciandy Nugraha Putra

Talent Executive
Katia Bassan

If you are keen about a position after the interview make sure you follow-up with the interviewers by email (within 24h): promote your candidacy, add what you forgot to say during the interview and tell the interviewer why you are qualified. Motivation and interest is one of the key to succeed in a new role and the manager will see this email positively during of the evaluation of your profile.

Katia Bassan

Sales Operation Manager
Adam Sharpe

Don’t just research what an organization does. Seek out what they stand for. What is their mission? What are their values? How big is the gap between want they say, what they do and what they believe? If you are going to dedicate months or years to an organization, beyond compensation, beyond status, beyond anything, it is that very human sense of shared purpose that will keep you engaged, motivated and proud to be an employee. So ask yourself, are you truly the right fit

Adam Sharpe

Branding & Communication Consultant



We help Korean companies connect to the best and most affordable tech talents in South East Asia.


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Supasit Chantranon

Supasit Chantranon

Node.js Developer, NodeFrame Solution

“ GetLinks is totally different from other job sites. GetLinks always stays in touch, keeping me updated on new careers in the market. ”

Pattaraporn Padmasakul

Pattaraporn Padmasakul

Seller Acquisition Head for Thailand, Zilingo

“ I’ve always wanted to join a startup company. I created a profile, and within a week I got over a job offer! ”

Gunn Oungsirisawad

Gunn Oungsirisawad

Junior PHP Back-End Developer, FINNOMENA


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